Builder in Stafford Adviceline – Simple Steps To Solve Emergency Roof Leaks

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There are masses of home related problems that people face all the time – from taps that drip to leaking pipes and other minor problems. One really serious problem that can get you just so stressed out and worried, is a leaking roof.

A leak or a hole in your roof can literally bring your whole house down!

Large or small, it just doesn’t matter what the size of your hole is, it doesn’t make any part of this problem simple. It could be caused by an unfinished roof, or storm damage. Worst of all is the hole you just can’t find! No matter how hard you look, you just can’t work out where that leak is coming from….

But the real problem is, if you can’t sort it fast, one of your ceilings may cave in – or even walls collapse!

Whatever the trigger, you need a quick fix and if you know where to start you may well be able to save the day.

Of course, for something major like this, you will need to contact a professional to fix your roof, but for now the priority is to keep your home and belongings dry, so here’s some advice to help you out.

Never Walk on Your Roof!

First of all remember that it’s never a good idea to step out on to your roof. You are not a cat. You can virtually always do a quick patch to fix your roof without stepping directly on it. You don’t want to end up on one of those “funny” video shows where the guy always falls off the roof… or into the house. Trust me, you won’t be the one laughing. Not if you end up in hospital for months. Or a wheelchair.

Top Gear

You’ll need some materials. First a plastic cover or tarpaulin is ideal. This will come with holes in each corner. Plus you’ll need weather tolerant rope and some stakes. And, of course, a ladder and some tough work gloves.

You can get all of these easily in your local DIY or building supplies store.

Then Comes the Maths…

I bet you didn’t expect to find yourself doing maths on a website for a Builder in Stafford! But don’t panic if you skipped the maths exam in school, it’s nothing serious! Once you’re kitted out, you just need to measure the distance from your roof to the ground. Whatever the measurement, just multiply it by two. Measure this out on your weather tolerant rope.

So, if the distance from your roof to the ground measures 20 ft, then you’ll need 40 ft of rope. (There, that wasn’t too hard, was it?) You’ll need this amount for each corner of the house.

Tent Pegging

Next you need to secure your stakes into the ground. A heavy mallet is ideal if you have one. This is just like tent pegging. Just make sure you leave enough space for the rope to be secured – don’t put the stakes in too far.

Now just double your rope and tie it through each hole in the corners of the tarpaulin. Use the ladder to reach them. Then bring the rope down and secure it to the stakes. Do this in each of the corners of your house.

If you have pavement around your house, then you’ll have to use large concrete or utility blocks to secure your rope instead of stakes. Whatever you use, just make sure it’s heavy enough, so it won’t be easily moved by strong winds or gales.

Call Out the Pro…

Fantastic! Your house is now safe! Now just remember, get your roof fixed by a professional asap. This is only a temporary solution, and not the prettiest one at that, but it will work – and keep your house safe and dry until your professional gets to you.

Do you need help to fix your roof? If you do, be sure to find an experienced and qualified professional.

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