Factors to Consider in Renovating Listed Houses

Houses which are considered as “listed” are the ones which are under the protection of the government. They seek to preserve the history within the walls and have them not touched. At the very rare times people are allowed to, it is made sure that changes are kept minimal to maintain the heritage.

So does that mean that you can’t get your hands on that old building you’ve always been eyeing? Well it’s not entirely impossible. You can’t deny the fact that it takes a long process to do so, but in case you ever do, here are a few factors you should consider before renovating them.

•  It will take time… lots of it.

As said before, it’s not new that there is a strict system that you need to comply with in these types of situations. Expect that your renovation will be delayed and you will probably have to scrap your set time frame.

•  Ready your wallet.

Traditional houses have one trait that cannot be taken away from them: being classic. Sadly, one cannot mix modern furniture and fixtures in listed houses simply because they don’t fit in. Having said that, antiques cost much greater than the items we see nowadays; you don’t only buy the object but their stories as well. So get your money ready because this is one big investment!

•  Extend buildings just right.

Some people might think that the only way to properly extend buildings such as these is by matching it with materials of the same origin. This is done so that the extension will almost seem invisible. However, nowadays, people make use of modern materials to further make clear of the division of times. This can prove to be quite a challenge to some, but with the right architect, you have nothing to worry about!

•  You can claim some money lost thanks to VAT.

As said before, it takes a huge chunk of your cash just to push through with renovating old houses or buildings. Luckily, you have LBC on your side. With the correct people to help you properly word your documents, you can get some of your money lost from maintenance.

•  Do it for the pride and betterment of the structures.

There is no comparing the recognition you feel that comes with successfully renovating a listed house. It’s the pride that truly compensates for all the sacrifices in the process. Know that people will never be against anything that ultimately serves for the betterment of a culturally-rich structure… there just might be a need for a few compromises.