Fastest Time for Putting up a Four-man Tent is 2 Minutes and 7 Seconds!

According To the Guinness book of records, a tent erected at the Mary Ward House in Camden, London, July 1st 2011, took less time to erect than boiling an egg.

And with the summer here (cue, rain!), there may be a big race to visit those vintage vacations spots where friendly campsites are available for hire, where tents may be the order of the day.

Quaint sites like Vintage Vacations on the Isle of White have caravans to hire, with a space to put up your own tent if you wish. However, if you prefer something a little more structured and solid, they’ve the traditional holiday chalet complete with deck chairs, small wooden beach hut creations and a number of beautiful features, making it a paradise away from home.

But here’s a secret you may not know; there are many who are creating this exact type chalet/ beach hut in their own back gardens, so, living the summer life, each and every day the sun is out! If that’s something that interests you, certainly get in touch.