Renovation, and particularly complete house renovation, lets home owners inject their own individuality into their home and stamp their own personal style on their home interiors and exteriors.


Home renovation can add new space to your home or convert useless rooms into ones you will savour spending time in.


At Richard Weals Consultancy Ltd we want you to live in a home you love – one that’s comfortable, beautiful, and functional for your lifestyle, family, and personal style.

Renovation work can be expensive due to varying prices of materials and the sheer work that goes into custom renovation projects.


However, believe me when I say that your investment will continue to pay off throughout your time living in your home each time that you step into a room that was completely designed and imaged by you.


Custom renovation creates a home that has your style, vision, and needs at its heart. And remember: home renovations, conversions, additions, and alterations will add serious capital to your home should you wish to sell it in the future.

I’m here first and foremost to give you advice on home renovations and building projects to both existing and new clients.


My expertise, integrity, and professionalism guarantee that I will be honest with you about your budget, time-frame, security, and design expectations from the very start to ensure our relationship is one of mutual trust and respect.

So, if you have a renovation project in mind or simply need some advice on other home remodelling or renovation work feel free to contact me at any time.