Five Renovations that are best left to the Professionals!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

As someone who has spent my entire adult life working in home renovation and construction, I certainly know how rewarding it can feel completing a project. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than seeing folks discover this for themselves by undertaking projects in their own homes.

However, with that being said, some jobs, due to difficulty or danger, are simply best left to the professionals. Before picking up your toolbox and taking on a project in your home, it is highly recommended to make sure the task is within your capabilities. While completing a project is certainly rewarding, nothing is worse than getting half way through a job only to realise you may not be able to see it to the end.

If you are having difficulty determining which projects you can handle yourself and which are best left to hired help, take a look at this list of projects that are best avoided by amateurs.


  • Though there are simple electrical fixes that are perfectly suitable for non-professionals, for the most part electrical work requires an electrician.

  • Advanced electrical knowledge is an absolute requirement for most electrical fixes. There are simply too many technicalities. Standards must be met to ensure that wires aren’t over-heated and circuit breakers aren’t overworked.

  • Speaking from experience, no matter how handy you may be, it’s best to hire a certified electrician.


  • Knocking down a wall can be a great way to open up a room or create a new space out of nothing, but doing this is not as simple as grabbing a sledgehammer and whacking away!

  • Walls support the structure of the entire house, which means that weight-bearing and support walls must be dealt with properly.  

  • It is best to hire someone with an in-depth understanding of the structure of the house in order to get the job done safely.


  • Simple renovations, such as re-tiling the floors or installing new cabinets, are great projects to take on yourself, but as soon as pipes are involved – it’s best to avoid the job! In addition to leaky faucets, improper pipe installations can even leak into the drywall and cause water damage throughout the house.


  • Replacing a window may appear simple, but it is actually quite a task. When done incorrectly, both hot and cold air can escape which can make heating your home a nightmare.

  • There are plenty of qualified window companies and renovation experts in Stafford who can do the job promptly and properly.


  • This one is here for economic reasons. Though lovely on the eyes, granite and marble are both quite expensive, and the incorrect placement can be costly to fix. It is ideal to hire a professional to do the measurements and installation.

  • Though this list is far from complete, I hope it helps you come to a decision regarding your upcoming renovation. And remember, while these particular projects are best left to the professionals, there are thousands of rewarding home improvement tasks that are suitable for anyone with a strong back and a stronger work ethic!