How to soundproof your home (five tips)?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Perhaps, when compared to the bustling streets of London, New York City or Tokyo, neighbourhoods in Stafford are not particularly loud. However, when you are trying to get some sleep, even minor noise disturbances, such as teenagers shouting, dogs barking and car alarms being triggered, can be a real pain in the neck. No matter where you live, noise is everywhere.

When soundproofing, we are trying to accomplish two things. First off, we want to limit the amount of noise that invades our residence from outside.

However, it is perhaps just as important to reduce the noise we generate inside. Whirring appliances and creaky floorboards can be just as annoying as car alarms and unruly pets!

Check out these five tips for soundproofing your Stafford home:

Add Insulation and Drywall

Good insulation is the best way to lower the volume on our day to day lives. Some types of acoustical drywall can reduce sound transmission by almost 50% compared to a wall built with standard drywall.

Use Curtains and Rugs

Heavy drapes can be a great way to reduce the noise coming in from outside, and upholstered furniture, area rugs and wall hung quilts can serve a similar purpose. When addressing sound absorption in large open areas, carpets, cork flooring and acoustical ceilings can help.

Try Sound Dampening Underlays

Sound dampening underlays are dense sheets which can be rolled over the entire floor, underneath the top layer of flooring and taped along the seams.

They greatly reduce noise transmission from the floor. Be sure to choose the correct one, as there are different options that correspond with different floor types.

Weatherstrip Windows

When it comes to sound, windows and doors can be real trouble makers. It is therefore a great idea to weatherstrip all points where sashes meet jambs, headers, and sills. After doing this, fill in remaining gaps around mouldings with an acoustical caulk sealant.

Lower Noise Inside the Home

Often times, the noise that is keeping you up at night is coming from your own residence. From opting for quitter appliances to repairing creaky floorboards, there is no shortage of ways in which we can limit this. Sound reduction pads are a great investment when it comes to appliances.

These pads can be placed under everything from countertop appliances to air conditioners and mashing machines.

These pads add a cushioning layer between hard floors/counters and motor driven machines which, as the name implies, reduces sound.

Hopefully after applying these tips, Stafford will sleep soundly tonight!