3 top simple household maintenance tips!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Though many household jobs require outside assistance, there are also a number of things that homeowners themselves can do to keep everything running smoothly in the house.

No matter what type of house you reside in, sooner or later you will be faced with some type of repair job. Whether you are renovating your house, upgrading a room or simply trying to keep everything in good shape, the following tips will surely be of use to you at some point in time.


  • Whether you are hanging a shelf, a piece of expensive art or a photograph of your children, it is always useful to know where your wall studs are. This will not only save you time, but may also save your walls from damage.

  • To identify wall studs, simply knock on the wall. The spot with the stud behind it will sound solid. It is also possible to locate studs using a magnetic stud finder – these devices will beep when they identify nails in the boards.


  • Speaking from experience, I can tell you that some plumbing jobs certainly require a professional plumber. However, a number of common plumbing issues are actually quite simple to fix with the right tools and knowledge (not to mention a bit of hard work).

  • Leaky faucets often only require a bit of tightening or a new washer or O-ring. Chemical drain cleaners rarely work, but clogged sinks can often be fixed by simply unblocking the P-trap. Before checking this U-shaped pipe under the sink, place a bucket underneath it. After unscrewing the pipe, you may find that it has been blocked, leading to a clogged drain. Faucets themselves can also be removed and replaced quite easily.

REMEMBER: Before doing any type of plumbing repairs, shut off the water to the sink and plug drains in order to save any loose parts that may fall during the job. It is also wise to take a photograph of your plumbing set up prior to working in order to ensure that everything is put back properly.


  • Useful for everything from filling in gaps in the bathroom to sealing and weatherproofing windows outside, a caulk gun is definitely something you want to add to your home maintenance repertoire.

  • Simply pull back the plunger and insert the tube. To slow the flow of caulk, cut the plastic applicator at a 45-degree angle. For better control of the sealant, touch the trigger softly.

These are but a few of the many maintenance skills that homeowners in Stafford will find easy to learn and valuable to know.