Having done extensive work on home renovations for a number of years now, nothing brings me and my team greater joy than seeing the smiling faces of people as they look at their redone dream home. Whether it’s a brand new kitchen or a redone master bedroom, there’s something to be said for updating the beloved old family house into the family’s new dream home.

However, when updating the home, I’ve found that the outdoor space constantly gets overlooked. It really can have a tremendous impact on the rest of the property.

From new greenery to swimming pool installations, there is certainly no shortage of ways to improve the yard, but one of my personal favourites is by constructing a shed. It’s a simple, practical and cost effective way to ensure that your dream home has a dream backyard to match.

I know what you’re thinking. “Richard, isn’t a shed just a room to store tools, lawnmowers and other garden equipment? How does that make my outdoor space stand out?”

We are talking about entirely different sheds, my friend.

To be sure, a shed can be just a simply constructed shack to store things, and these types of sheds can be very practical indeed. But these days, modern sheds can be so much more. They can be used for just about everything – from DIY projects to freelance work, to even providing a nice place to sit and look out on the garden. That’s the type of shed I’m talking about.

These days, a popular shed design utilizes glass walls. This gives the room an elegant, modern appearance, while also serving as a source of light. This sunlight can come in handy if you are using the shed as a workspace and is also environmentally friendly. In addition, the reliance on natural light can help your family save on the electric bill.

Modern sheds should also include modern, comfortable furniture suited to the function of the shed. A small patio set, for example, could be great if you plan on using the shed to relax in and drink tea, but if you envision yourself primarily using the shed as a workspace, then cozy furniture for relaxation between tasks may be more suited to your needs.

When choosing a colour for the shed’s exterior, I think it makes sense to go very bold, with something that really catches the eye, but if that’s not your style, then neutral shades or wood finishes can do nicely as well. When it comes to décor, modern sheds can even serve as an extension of the family living room, especially if you see yourself spending lots of time inside.

Another modern trend in backyard sheds is the installation of double doors. Be sure to add doors with large windows. Not only do these add a nice touch of class to your shed, but they allow sunlight to enter the room, just like the previously mentioned glass walls.

The best part about a modern shed is that you can design it to suit your needs perfectly. The only limit is your imagination. These days, sheds can be used for just about everything, and are no longer just a place to store the lawnmower (although they can still do that too!). If you are looking to improve your outdoor space, building a shed is a great place to start.