Here in Staffordshire, and the world over, people require different things from their homes at different stages of their lives. Young couples, and maybe even newlyweds, may simply be looking for a roof over their heads while they save money and plan for the future. Younger and middle aged couples are often looking for a place to settle in and establish roots, and could be looking to expand their homes to match their growing families. For recently retired or soon to be retired people who have seen their adult children move out, their needs are typically quite different.

At the risk of overgeneralizing, people in this situation typically fall into two categories. The first group wants to restore their family home to past glory – the home that was perfect when children were running around knocking lamps off tables, drawing on the walls and playing with their schoolmates may no longer be suitable for a couple looking to enjoy retirement. The second group may be looking to downsize, sell their home and move elsewhere to reap the full benefits of the retired life.

In both cases, a renovation may be in order.

For those remaining in the homes, the benefit is obvious – structural repairs, modern updates and returning the home to past glory can make life a lot more pleasurable (and comfortable) in retirement. Whether the work consists of simply bringing the building up to a safe standard, and removing the hazardous issues that linger within it, or updating and improving rooms within the house, this group of people would be creating their dream retirement home right here in Staffordshire.

However, even if your retirement dreams take you elsewhere, renovation is still a great idea in retirement, as it can greatly increase the resale value of the house. In this regard, homes are not unlike cars – an old, rundown car from thirty or forty years ago is not particularly valuable, but with the right amount of work put into it, it can be resold as a vintage, collectors automobile, and will probably net more on resale than it cost when first purchased.  

Often, after years of use, homes can become old and decaying, which can in turn lead to a great depreciation in value. Whether trying to turn your old home into a dream home or trying to sell your home to purchase a dream home elsewhere, renovation is a great first step towards retiring in style!