What is the importance of trust when hiring a building contractor?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Whether you are visiting the dentist, boarding an aeroplane or sending your children off to school, trust is an important factor in our day to day lives.

We trust that our dentist is a competent professional, and that he was adequately vetted by his dentistry college. We trust that we will leave the dentist chair with our teeth in better shape than they were, or that we will have a plan in place in order to make that a reality.

When we board an aeroplane, we trust that the pilot will be able to safely transport us to our destination (though personally, I do not have similar levels of trust that our seatmates will not snore throughout the journey or try to commandeer our armrest).

When we send our children off to school, most of us trust that they will receive a competent, comprehensive education in order to prepare them for the adult world. Even those who don’t have that trust, will almost certainly trust the school to keep their child safe from harm.

The list is endless, and it even extends to home renovations. In fact, I would say ‘trust’ is the main reason I’ve been in this industry for so long.

When hiring a builder, you are trusting them to improve your home. While home renovations may not be as important as having safe passage across the Atlantic or ensuring our children’s safety, the home is still an important part of our lives.

Personally, when looking at trust, I feel there are five important factors we must focus on, regardless of whether we are boarding a plane or building a shed.

Authority – they have something about them that has you following along with what they have to say. They’ve proven time and time again that their advice, their instructions, their teachings and thinking on certain matters have proven to be right, more often than not. They’ve been talked about by others in authoritative tones.

Believability – we can all sense the person who is full of hype, who is all smoke and mirrors and whose promises just can’t be believed because they’ve not been acted on. We believe and trust when we can see and experience personal gain for ourselves.

Consistency – Woody Allen said that showing up is a third of the secret to success.

  • However, consistently showing up is the mark of a trustworthy person. Would we prefer it if the head of a company, business or institution delivered on their promises once or twice, or, consistently proved their mettle by delivering… time and time again!

Credibility – does the person or entity we want to believe as being trustworthy, have a presence outside or our relationship with many others where there is a respect and recognition of them as being credible?  

  • And yes, credibility, like reputation, is built, is earned, is created. It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t come with an announcement of sorts that declares the person… credible and trusting!  That’s a dangerous recipe for establishing any kind of trust.

Certainty – there’s a certain kind of inbuilt, respectful trust that is built when delivering superior value and service.

  • And we all know what superior value is, when we experience it. Sadly, most of us do not experience that kind of exceptional value and service on a continuing and on-going basis. Nowadays, superior value and service can actually mean simple kindness, caring language, respectful reverence, which is then all tied together with delivering a quality service or providing a great product.

Most contractors have the skills to undertake a renovation project, but of those, only a select few are able to build the trust necessary to provide consistently excellent results.